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1 A CFD study of NACA63415 with deployment of leading edge and trailing edge surfaceInternational Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur (ICMAAE 2013) 2113   July   1   1   Mohd Multazam Abdul Rahim  
2 Journal International A review on two-phase ejector as an expansion device in vapor compression refrigeration cycleRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2112   September   16   7   K. Sumeru  
3 Technology Social Venture and Community EmpowermentAtlantis Press 2013   March   1   1   Kamariah Ismail; Mir Hossein Sohel;  
4 Preventing disc brake squeal using a thin plate shim.Int. J. Vehicle Structures & Systems 2012   June   4   1   Muhammad Amir Zanuddin  
5 The Effects of Pad Surface Topography on Disc Brake SquealApplied Mechanics & Materials 2012   May   165   1   Ahmad Razimi Mat Lazim  
6 Energy Efficiency On Split-Type Air Conditioning System Using Hydrocarbon Mixtures As Drop-In Replacement For R-22Universitas Bung Hatta Press 2012   April   1   1    
8 Experimental Test To Identify The Mean Crushing Stress of 0° and 90° Unidirectional Plies Inside a A laminateProceeding of 15th European Conference on Composite Materials. Venice, Italy 2012   June   1   1   S.Rivallant, JJ Barrau  
9 Evaluation of Synthetic Jet Actuators Design PerformanceAircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology 2012   December   84   6   Airi Ali  
10 Journal International Cavity Effect of Synthetic Jet Actuators Based on Piezoelectric DiaphragmApplied Mechanics and Materials 2012   December   225   1   Airi Ali  
11 Synthesis of Pt-Al nanoparticles from Pt(COD)Cl2 and AlCl3 Precursors at Room TemperatureProceedings of 5th International multi-conference on Intelligent Systems, Sustainable, New and Renewable Energy Technology & Nanotechnology (IISN-2011), India 2011   February   5   1   Hideki Abe, Hideyuki Murakami, Saravanan Govindachetty, Kazuhiko Noda  
12 Synthesis Of Clean Nickel Nanoparticles by Reduction of Organometallic Precursors at Room Temperature”. Proceeding of 5th SEATUC Symposium, Hanoi 2011   February   5   1   Hideki Abe, Hideyuki Murakami, Saravanan Govindachetty, Kazuhiko Noda  
13 Formation of carbon nanostructures containing single-crystalline cobalt carbides by ion irradiation methodApplied Surface Science 2011   January   257   1   Zhipeng Wang, Pradip Ghosh, Yasuhiko Hayashi, Masaki Tanemura  
14 Morphology and Size of Ion Induced Carbon Nanofibers: Effect of Ion Incidence Angle, Sputtering Rate, and TemperatureJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 2011   February   50   1   Kohei Yamaguchi, Takahiko Suzuki, Pradip Ghosh, Akari Hayashi, Yasuhiko Hayashi, Masaki Tanemura  
15 Improvement of field electron emission performance of natural precursor grown carbon nanofibers by thermal annealing in an argon atmosphereJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 2011   February   50   1   P. Ghosh, D. Ghosh, T. Soga, T. Jimbo, S. Hashimoto, H. Ohashi and M. Tanemura  
16 Highly transparent and flexible field emission devices based on single-walled carbon nanotube filmsChemical Communications 2011   March   47   1   Debasish Ghosh, Pradip Ghosh, Masaki Tanemura, Akari Haysahi, Yasuhiko Hayashi, Kawasaki Shinji, Noboru Miura and Toru Asaka  
17 Direct fabrication of aligned metal composite carbon nanofibers on copper substrate at room temperature and their field emission propertyChemical Communications 2011   March   47   1   Pradip Ghosh, Debasish Ghosh, Akari Hayashi, Yasuhiko Hayashi and Masaki Tanemura  
18 Structural change of ion-induced carbon nanofibers by electron current flow Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 2011   July   29   1   Pradip Ghosh, Masato Sasase, Akari Hayashi, Yasuhiko Hayashi, Masaki Tanemura,  
19 Effect of a coupling agent on mechanical and biological properties of polyetheretherketone/hydroxyapatite bioactive composite for prosthetic medical eviceTrans Tech Publications Inc. 2011   March   1   1   Rashidi, A.R., Wahit, M.U  
20 Development of novel polymer composite beam using ultrasonic welding process for acetabular cup prosthesisKey Engineering Materials 2011   March   1   1   Goharian, A., Rashidi, A.R.B., Bin Kadir, Wahit, M.U.B.  
21 An Improved Scheme for Online Recognition of Control Chart Patterns. , Vol. 3, Nos. 3/4. pp.309–321.Int. J. Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 2011   March   3   3    
22 An Improved Scheme for Online Recognition of Control Chart PatternsInt. J. Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 2011   March   3   3    
23 Numerical and experimental approach to suppress disc brake squeal through pad modificationsInt. J. Vehicle Structures & Systems 2011   June   3   1   Saw Chun Lin, Mohd Rahimi Jamaluddin, Wan Mohd Musyris Wan Harujan, Choong Chee Guan  
24 Energy Analysis for Air Conditioning System Using Fuzzy Logic ControlTelkomnika 2011   April   9   1    
25 The Application of Gas Ejector for Road Transport Air Conditioning SystemAmerican Institute of Physics (AIP) 2011   October   1   1   Sumeru  
26 Experimental Evaluation of Automotive Air-Conditioning Using HFC-134a and HC-134aAmerican Institute of Physics (AIP) 2011   October   1   1   Muhammad Amir Zainudin, Mohd. Rozi Mohd. Perang, Abd Halim Abdul Rahman  
27 New Empirical Correlations for Sizing Adiabatic Capillary Tubes in Refrigeration SystemsAmerican Institute of Physics (AIP) 2011   October   1   1   Shodiya Sulaimon  
28 Finite Element Modelling of CFRP Pltes Under CrushingProceeding of 18th International Conference on Composite Materials. Jeju, South Korea 2011   August   1   1   S.Rivallant, JJ Barrau  
29 Mechanical and Microarchitectural Analyses of Cancellous Bone Through Experiment and Computer SimulationMedical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2011   None   49   12   Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Jaafar Abdullah ,  
30 Computational Aerodynamics of Rotors in Hover and Vertical ClimbTransanction of Academenergo, Russian Academy of Science 2011   September   1   4   G.N. Barakos, A.S. Bartkov, A.N. Kusyumov and E.I. Nikolaev  
31 Safety and Environmental Risk and reliability modeling Process for Sustainable Inland Water TransportationJournal of Marine Environmental Engineering 2010     9   1   O. Sulaiman, A.H. Saharuddin, W.B. Wan Nik, K.B. Samo  
32 Journal Regional Virtual study of natural convection heat transfer in an inclined square cavityJournal of Applied Science 2010     10   4    
33 Journal Regional Macro-and meso-scale simulations of free convective heat transfer in a Finite different cavity at various aspect ratioJournal of Applied Science 2010     10   3   Idris Mat Sahat  
34 Journal Local Finite different and lattice Boltzmann modelling for simulation of natural convection in a square cavityInternational Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2010   June   5   1   Idris Mat Sahat  
35 Journal Regional Theoretical notes on the mathematical modelling of gaseos detonation using Boltzmann equationJournal of Applied Science 2010   June   10   14   Khalid Saqr  
36 Journal Regional Mesoscale numerical approach to predict macroscale fluid flow problemJournal of Applied Science 2010     10   15   Idris Sahat  
37 Mesoscale simulation of natural convection in an inclined square cavityWSEAS Transaction on Mathematics 2010   June   9   6   Nik Izual Nik Ibrahim  
38 Simplified Mesoscale Lattice Boltzmann Numerical Model for Prediction of Natural Convective Heat Transfer in a Square Geometry filled with Porous MediaWSEAS Transactions on Fluid Mechanics 2010   June   5   3   Mohd Irwan Mohd Azmi  
39 Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wing of WIG Catamaran vehicle During Ground EffectWSEAS Transactions on Fluid Mechanics 2010   June   5   3   Saeed Jamei  
40 Self-Learning Active Vibration Control of a Flexible Plate Structure with Piezoelectric ActuatorSimulation Modelling Practice and Theory 2010   April   18   5   A.R. Tavakolpour, M.O. Tokhi  
41 Journal International In situ and ex situ transmission electron microscopy investigation of Cu–Al–Cu–Ti reactive metallic multilayer coatingsJournal of Materials Research 2010   June   25   6   H. Bagshaw and G. Mobus  
42 Journal International Experimental Implementation of Smart Glove Incorporating Piezoelectric Actuator for Hand Tremor ControlWSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control 2010   June   6   5   A As’arry, Suhail Kazi  
43 Dynamic energy absorption characteristics of foam-filled conical tubes under oblique impact loadingInternational Journal of Impact Engineering 2010   May   37   5   David Thambiratnam, Andy Tan